Installation must be performed by qualified personel. Hand dryer must be grounded. Remove the two tamper proof cover attachment screws using the supplied key. Tilt the cover outward and unhook at the top.

Use the chart  on right to determine the correct height of the baseplate. When two or more dryers are installed, theyshould be placed no closer than 60cm (24”) between centres. Mark the location of the 4 mounting holes.

All dryers must be fed by two power conductors and one ground wire. For wall wiring, carry the electrical wire to the dryer and attach it to the baseplate knockout using an approved connector.

Attach the baseplate firmly to the wall. For wood walls or wood studs, use no. 16 screws of proper length to ensure 25mm (1”) minimum stud penetration. For masonary walls  use expansion bolts or anchors for 6mm (1/4”) screws of proper length to ensure penetration 6mm (1/4”) deeper than anchor. Shim if necessary to ensure that the baseplate is level and flat against the wall.

For surface wiring, remove the knockouts from the dryer inlet grill and the circuit board bracket and bring the conduitnto the dryer from below.  Attach the conduit to the circuit board bracket using an approved connector.

Connect the two power leads to the terminal block on the circuit board. There is no polarity. Tug on the wires to ensure they are held tightly. Attach the ground wire securely to the ground screw on the wallplate. Replace the dryer cover. Hook the cover onto the two cap screws at the top and pivot the bottom of the cover over the metal tabs on the inlet grill. Replace the two tamper proof screws, taking care not to cross thread or over tighten them.


Click here to download Vulcan fitting template.


Distance from bottom edge of dryer to floor:
Men 47° 119cm
Women 44° 112cm
Children 8-10 35° 85cm
Children 11-13 38° 97cm
Children 14-16 44° 112cm
Disabled 36° 91cm
We have worked to
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